Mauricio Moreno

Mauricio Moreno

Learning Markdown

When I first saw how much could be done with Markdown I was impressed. I said to myself:

I need to learn Markdown to go back and fix the files on the public repositories on my GitHub.

So I made a list for myself because who doesn't love lists:

  • Learn Markdown
  • Practice using Markdown on my next blog entry
  • Update my reactPlayground repo's

I learned some valuable lessons along the way, the most important being:

Not all Markdown is created equal

There are different Markdown processors that allow you to do different things. So imagine my surprise when I learned that ~~this won't make these words appear strike through without the correct processor~~. I was disappointed to say the least. GitHub has some cool tricks that I wasn't able to demo for this post like lists with checkboxes and emojis.

It's a useful skill to have and something that could be picked up in less than an hour. It is a critical skill to have when presenting repositories on GitHub during the job search. I think I will look into employing a different processor for future posts.


  1. GitHub Guides: Mastering Markdown
  2. Markdown Guide: Extended Syntax