Mauricio Moreno

Mauricio Moreno

Future Plans

It's wild to think that it's been almost two years since I've touched this blog. Originally it was just a project to get me familiar with Next.js. It did the thing and it helped me landed my current role at MyFitnessPal. That being said, I'm two years wiser and it's time to put some of the stuff I've learned into practice here.

Upcoming Upgrades:

  • Update the entire blog to utilize Typescript. It's about time I took the dive.
  • Update the UI. I'm heavily invested into MaterialUI at work. I may try something different to learn something new.
  • I'm currently deploy through Vercel. I'm going to migrate over to AWS to play around with stuff there and to see if I really have learned anything. Besides, I've been paying ~$1.87 every month for the past two years. Time to get some value out of that.

Once that's all complete I'll explore the idea of adding auth and the capability to leave comments. It might be nice to have someway of communicating with folks so that it doesn't feel like I'm talking into the void, even though I likely am.